The #DeadCorps is the fan family of The Dead Deads.  Spanning state lines, oceans and various continents, the #DeadCorps are the life’s blood of the righteous mission of keeping rock ‘n’ roll alive, Dead Deads style.  Each member receives their own “dead name” from the band by tweeting @thedeaddeads #WhatsYourDeadName.  The Dead Deads say that The #DeadCorps are at the heart of everything they do.  Members of the #DeadCorps run the facebook fanclub page, as well as other social media pages, organize member meet and greets and various other surprises for each other and the band members.  The #DeadCorps can also choose to participate in “Rebel Rank-up” where they can earn gifts from the band for loyal show attendance.




The Dead Corps Rebel Rank-Up

Some people love live music, but for a special breed of humans, music is life.  These rock soldiers will work doubles, drive hundreds of miles, or even attend the same local shows countless times for the high that only an amplifier can offer.

We wanted to find a way to say thank-you to this tribe of rebels.  The Dead Deads proudly introduce “Rebel Rank-Up.”

How it works:

Easy!  Every time you attend a Deads show, simply snap a photo of yourself with the Rebel Rank-Up icon at the merchandise booth.   Save the photos in a folder on your phone, on your facebook, flickr…wherever you want!  When you collect the necessary Rank-Up pics, redeem them for exclusive gifts only available to our Rank-up Rebels.  Simply email the pics (small files please) along with your mailing address to thedeaddeads@gmail.com with “rebel” in the subject line. That’s it! Happy collecting!

The Ranks

Private-Attend five shows

#Deadcorps t-shirt exclusive to Rank-up

Lieutenant-Attend fifteen shows

  #Deadcorps hoodie exclusive to Rank-up

Captain-Attend 30 shows

Personal Note from the band framed with signed Dead Deads Poster

Major-Attend 50 shows

Custom #deadcorps dogtags personalized with your Dead Name.

Colonel-Attend 75 shows

Option for a private concert for you and your friends OR a signed guitar

General-Attend 125 shows

Free airline ticket anywhere within the US to see The Dead Deads play

Overlord-Attend 200 shows

Official The Dead Deads Laminate personalized with Dead Name.  Permanent place on the guest list.  Never pay for a Dead Deads show again. 

Who wouldn’t want to put “Major” in front of their Dead Name?!  This is gonna get weird for “Captain Dead” when he becomes a Captain.  Other than that, we see no problems in rewarding our #deadcorps family for their continued support.  We are nothing without you.  You make it all possible.

Here are some of our favorite pics with #deadcorps from all over the country!

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